US & EURO Port Congestion

Port congestion in key Europe, US gateways continues to deteriorate: Sea-Intelligence
Terminal congestion at major US and European container ports has grown to new heights, with little indication of improvement amid sustained demand for ex-Asia goods, according to Sea-Intelligence.
European ports in particular are grappling with record levels of congestion, which have been increasing since October, with few positive indications in sight. Despite marginal seen at US gateways in the last week, data from the Sea-Intelligence Terminal Congestion Index show that congestion continues to trend higher.
Freight rates have climbed in tandem with increased delays and terminal slowdowns. After coming off record highs during Q4, the Platts Container Rate Index, a weighted average of Platts' key container assessments, has trended upwards since mid-December, an increase of nearly 65% on year.
Congestion impacting container turnaround
Port slowdowns have severely hampered container turnaround times, even as ocean liners skew their business towards high-revenue generating head hauls, making every effort to quick evacuate empty containers from destination ports.
During 2021, the US and UK had the highest dwell times per container, averaging at 50 and 51 days, respectively.
In the US, the adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach had an average dwell time of 41 days during 2021. The Port of New York had the highest dwell time at 61 days on average, Container xChange data showed.

June & July 2022

Singapore News: June is now booked up.. and July 2022 is booking up already! Certainly more rapid than previous years so looks like the moving industry is going to be busy again. Another coffee please!