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What is groupage / shared load?

Boxchain-Moving UK & Singapore offers a shared load (or groupage) service.

What is the difference between groupage and direct shipping? Let’s start with the industry descriptions.

A direct shipment is referred to as an AIR, LCL or FCL

AIR = Airfreight, packed at your home and flown to destination within a few days. Transit time is typically 7-10 days to UK/SG/AU
LCL = A small sea shipment (up to about 10 cubic meters) packed at your home and cased at warehouse. Shipping is within in a couple of days. 20 days to AU (not inc quarantine) and 3.5 weeks to UK/SG
FCL = A large shipment (20ft & 40ft containers) 30 cbm and up. Packed at your house and loaded direct to the sea container. 12 days on water to AU and 3 weeks on water to UK

A shared load / groupage is referred to as GPG

GPG = Typically a low volume move, packed at your home and then taken to warehouse to await shipping. Shipping occurs when the Mover has achieved enough volume to send a container to the applicable port. For both UK & AU, it takes approximately 12 weeks to complete the deliver. However.. It’s not a fixed contract for transit time. It could be quick.. It could take a while. The reason a groupage shipment is ‘cost effective’ is because you are only paying for your space in a container and the Mover is not tied to a transit time.

If transit time is a factor for you, it would be best to consider the direct shipping options.


Moving household goods to the UK requires a ‘transfer of residence’ - TOR.

Go online and follow the process.. Basically submit details about you and where you have been living. Documents required (and not limited to) are proof of overseas address and also a list of main items to be moved. The link below explains all!

Contact us for advise and help!

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June & July 2022

Singapore News: June is now booked up.. and July 2022 is booking up already! Certainly more rapid than previous years so looks like the moving industry is going to be busy again. Another coffee please!

Calculating Airline Weight

Multiply the length, Width & Height (LxWxH) = Kilograms air chargeable weight (kg/acw).

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Send this size box to mainland UK for SG$400.00!

What's Causing Container Ship Traffic Jams

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